I have been asked several times, for larger quantities of the Training Treats!

Grizzly and I are proud to present our NEW OFFER!

Training Treats, by the pound. They are the same amazing treats, the same smaller sizes, but now by the pound for $15.00.

So if you are looking for a great deal on great treats, this one is for you! 

For now, I can make only a single flavor by the pound, and am unable to ship. I would, however, be happy to meet you locally to deliver them!

And when we can get back to attending events, we will have multiple flavors for you to mix and match, still by the pound!

(Grizzly advises separately bagging the Puppy Mint, and Peanut Butter, because they are strong flavors, and he wouldn't want them to overpower some other flavors!)

We hope all of you are safe, and taking care of yourselves and your canine companions.

Here at Bear Bones Bakery, we are still baking at home, so you are able to continue to feel safe ordering your treats, knowing the love and care are still being baked into each and every one!

In the Aftermath...

Grizzly and I are pooped out. But so very thankful for the help of our dear Bear Bones Bakery friends/family, Joann and Mark, for their unwavering support, and help in setup and tear down. We could not have made it happen without them! Lots of love from Grizzly and I for your constant support!

We did some changes prior to MFV:

New flavor, Chedd-Ah. We had amazing feedback, and the smell was constantly claimed to be exactly like that box of cheese crackers both my daughter and husband like so much. Can't say the name, but they aren't fish shaped! LOL They are also now part of our permanent menu!

New setup, we made a cash station with a very pretty blue top. It was great because we got to put Training Treats in the crates and had some on top with our brand new postcards and customer information. (picture above is of Grizzly in front of the cash station!)

We did raffles, and donations for Animal Friends. I was so very thrilled to have taken them a load of our Peanut Butter flavor! They were happy to get them! Apparently the dogs get a Kong filled with treats for their "quiet time", and the staff couldn't wait to share our treats.

We added Pina Colada to the permanent menu on our website! With so many people leaving us great reviews, how could we not?

After MFV:

We have several contacts wanting to put our Bear Bones Bakery treats out in front of their customers!

We have decided to figure out a way to sell treats by the pound, so that you can mix and match flavors, and smell the amazing quality as well!

And we have been busy figuring out how to make those by the pound sales become a reality.

So keep up with us, because we are growing! And want you to be part of all things Bear Bones Bakery!

Grizzly (and Megan)

Having been asked for a specific flavor more than a few times (quite a lot, actually), I decided to attempt to make a cheese flavor.

Chedd-Ah was born.

Then name was because once I smelled it baking, the entire house smelled like cheddar, and my immediate response was aaahhhh. Apparently it was Grizzly's response too, because the drooling commenced at the same time my human nose smelled the yummy wonderful treat!

It was also a huge hit, because he just kept wagging his tail, even after his taste. I would say that is high praise, 4 paws up, Grizzly approved.

So those of you who love Bear Bones Bakery Treats, here's a new treat to love! We are adding it to our Foundation Flavors, and it will be as big a hit with your canines as the other ones have been!

We hope to see you all at My Furry Valentine, where we will have Chedd-Ah available in a limited quantity.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our Bear Bones Bakery!

Megan and Grizzly

I have been thrilled to see some amazing canines enjoying their Bear Bones Bakery Treats! Thank you to their parents who have given us some amazing compliments (see the Testimonials for more).

I thought I might share the love...

This is Bella, isn't she adorable?!

Here's Maddie, licking the box clean. She also licks her Grizzly, it's love! :)

Miss Noelle's dogs, waiting for their treats... Love those tails wagging!

Here's Trigger, waiting for his treat, for being a good boy!

Check out Yoda! He loves his treats too!

Abner, whose new favorite flavor is the Pina Colada (and because of it, I am thinking about adding it to the Bakery menu rather than just a seasonal offering). Quite a few people have said their canines enjoy it as well!

Thank you to all of you who have shared the amazing pictures of your dogs enjoying the treats. Please keep the pictures coming!

We love to share them!

Megan and Grizzly

Dogs are scent driven animals. I for one am mostly thankful for that, as Grizzly's nose has scented many things to help myself and other members of the family. Having a service dog whose nose is literally a resource is a great thing.

I have always been sensitive to scents. Both good and bad, they get a response. So I thought I would put a few thoughts about this down.

There are smells I love. Our Bear Bones Bakery treats baking in the oven... My daughter when she gives me a hug. Perfume that reminds me of family (I got a bottle of a specific perfume every year for Christmas from Ma, who I miss greatly, and her enjoying of my homemade pecan pie which is another great smell). There are so many other smells, there are just too many to mention.

There are, however, smells that just drive me crazy.

There is a family of skunks that have taken up residence in our neighborhood. Walking out to the van sometimes is a test of avoiding eye watering and trying not to inhale. I swear one of the little buggers even took up residence in my van, or close enough, because turning on the heat/ac/defroster spread that lovely smell through the entire van.

I have heard many ideas for dealing with skunk spray. I have to say, when it gets on my dogs, and they trot into the house, the entire house smells like eau de skunk. Not a happy dog mom when that happens, and believe me, it has happened. To the extent that I want to move. Okay, maybe not that bad, but I did think about it for a fast second.

In my defense, I am also very allergic to things. (I have to be careful with smells as well as ingredients in many products.) So the skunk spray oils mean I want them gone very quickly as well as the smell. Gag.

There was a moment, at around 1:30 am a few months ago, while baking late, that the dogs came in from a bathroom break with very freshly sprayed skunk. I smelled it as soon as I opened the door to let them back inside, and knew it would be very bad. Having 2 covered in that was not going to be fun.

I immediately, and I do mean immediately, got the dogs into the tub. Considering getting Grizzly in the tub is normally an act in futility unless very determined, and he voluntarily hopped into the bathtub, that would tell you that even his nose detected the fresh smell of nastiness. He also had a prior trip to the emergency vet because he was having reactions to the skunk spray, so I worry.

What worked, and you will certainly think I am making this up because it is so easy...no tomato juice baths. No mixing up crazy concoctions to bathe the pups in...No multiple attempts with little results.

I use Oatmeal Shampoo for my dogs. No aloe, no lanolin, nothing. Rather like the idea of putting oatmeal in a bathtub when a child has chicken pox, oatmeal is soothing. It is also something I can use without allergic reaction for me or the dogs.

It worked to get the skunk spray off when washed immediately upon coming into the house. No joke.

I have gotten this shampoo at both Walmart and Petco. Trust me, it's a very inexpensive way to remove that skunk oil without drying out the poor dog's coat! Give it a try.

As with the good smell of Bear Bones Bakery Treats, this oatmeal shampoo is very Grizzly approved!

Here's our link to our Bear Bones Bakery Facebook page:


Head on over and check us out, comment in our group, give us recommendations.

We appreciate you all!


Megan and Grizzly

Hello Friends,

This message comes from Grizzly. He came from Animal Friends shelter, and has rescued Megan just as much as she rescued him.

Therefore, in the hopes of providing treats to the other dogs there at the shelter, we at Bear Bones Bakery have decided that any donations toward this amazing new idea will be used in the following manner:

Megan and Grizzly will take the treats to the shelter.

We will use your donations merely for the cost of the ingredients, so that your donation can go farther to more shelter animals.

If you would like to donate, please contact Megan at megan@bearbonesbakery.biz, or 513-267-6352.

Grizzly says thank you for your support of other friends looking for love, a happy home, and a belly full of treats.

Megan and Grizzly

This is the very last day of 2019. Time to look back at what we did through the year, and forward to what we want to do in 2020.

 2019 for Bear Bones Bakery 

I was apprehensive about starting this wonderful baking experience, not because I doubted the product quality, but because it was a step I probably wouldn't have considered taking without several people suggesting it. Okay, and frankly shoving me past my apprehension into reality.

We have been so happy to be received with such great results, both Grizzly and I have been excited to showcase our Bear Bones Bakery.

Thanks to all of you who have supported this dream, in 2019.

2019 for the Family

We have added some family members into our fold this year, and I have to say that I see the next generation of baker in one of the young ones. I am so thrilled to add this amazingly generous and loving niece, Breya,  into the family. I look forward to her coming to bake with Aunt Megan whenever she wants! 

Welcome to our family Breya, and her dad Lane. 

Looking forward to 2020


My beautiful, wonderful, amazing daughter will be turning 21. It is quite a milestone for her, and I am so proud of the woman she has become. She is my supporter in ways she doesn't even realize. Happy Birthday a few days early to my always baby, from a very proud mom.


For the Bakery, we are already set to attend some of the amazing events we did in 2019. With the addition of a huge event, My Furry Valentine. Yes, there is a little apprehension for Megan to know how much to bake (15,000 people attend the biggest pet event in Ohio). However, I was already wise enough to call out the supporters that helped me start this process of Bear Bones Bakery.

And our hope for 2020, is a store location where we can continue to welcome our canine and 2 legged friends to get their favorite Bear Bones Bakery Treats....if that comes to fruition this year ahead, those of you supporters better head over to help me get it going, and open, and...

Happy New Year's Eve to all, with the hopes and wishes for an amazing 2020! 

Megan and Grizzly

With the holidays approaching, many people are getting their medical issues attended to before New Year.

My little Warrior, the Grand Pup, the little sweet boy, did the same thing.

My daughter and her boyfriend had taken him to the vet to have him fixed. Not exactly the thing most males like to even think about...but the little stinker went happily into the vet not realizing he was in for some trauma. Starting with the fact he threw up from one of the meds to put him under for the procedure.

It was a big surgery, and he got home to find my daughter got him a big stuffed pig to sleep his poor weary head upon. (too cute)

And he got extra spoiled with getting petted by my daughter's boyfriend while laying down on the floor with the recovering pup.

Now, once he became more alert, my daughter (remembering Grizzly needing the inflatable cone), went to get Warrior one of the cones so he could sleep. Not the big plastic 'cone of shame', this one is much more comfortable as Grizzly and 2 surgeries can attest to...

A great product, highly recommended by Grizzly. 

HOWEVER, Warrior either stretched too far, or scratched with his back feet, and pulled out those stitches.

Last night, the poor thing had an emergency visit to the emergency vet. The end result was him having to get sedated and more stitches. 

My poor daughter did the right thing, and I am so proud of her being able to make choices for her pup, even when they are hard to deal with and harder to make. 

And with all the love she gives Warrior, he's bound to recover quickly.

She also shouldn't be surprised if he gets extra Bear Bones Bakery Treats for Christmas, and his trauma!

Christmas is coming up so quickly, and we here at Bear Bones Bakery are taking time to thank all of you for your support through the year.

Now is the time to enjoy friends and family, good food and cheer. And the same will be happening with Megan and Grizzly...only this time Megan plans to do some baking for the family.

Christmas would not be the same without Peanut Butter Fudge, Chocolate Chip Cookies, several types of Bark recipes, and breads, and the joy of sharing those homemade goodies with our family. It has become a tradition through the years!

In the same way Megan baking for her Canines through the years has turned into Bear Bones Bakery. Our taste testers will be getting their share of some of our treats, because they are part of our family as well, and they deserve their very own treats to share.

In the New Year, we would love to have a store front location. That's Megan's wish, so that we can share Bear Bones Bakery with even more people. Grizzly's wish seems to be unchanging: a belly rub, seeing all of the family he loves both in Ohio and in North Carolina, greeting new people, taste testing treats, and bringing joy to everyone he meets.

I tease that he's the one everyone remembers, I just hold his leash! :)

So I wish the happiest of the holiday season to all of you, and your families.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Megan and Grizzly

PS Grizzly says he still has Megan ready to bake if you want more of Bear Bones Bakery Treats!

I am one of those people who wants to get all of the shopping done as soon as possible, so that baking can be a priority. Those of you that know me, know I get requests for fudge and cookies, sweet flavors of breads and more cookies for the holidays. My daughter has taken my Chocolate Chip Cookies to school and work for years, they never last long...and no matter how often she gets asked for the secret, as to why they are so good, she never shares.  I think that's another family trait, as Grandma W made sure to keep some of her recipes secret. They were her "claim to fame".

With the Holidays coming up, knowing you will be spending it with family and friends, don't forget the Canines in your and their lives. They, of course, deserve a little something special too!

If you are shopping for Bear Bones Bakery Treats for them, please know that I will be working hard to fill any orders that come into me, and if you want to meet up to pick them up please feel free to call me at 513-341-8583, or email me at megan@bearbonesbakery.biz. I will do my very best to help get those yummy treats to you!

Grizzly and I want to make your Holiday Shopping easier. 

Happy Holidays, from Bear Bones Bakery to all of you!

Okay, so having been at a few events these past couple of months, I wondered why the best sellers at those events don't equate to the best sellers online...

Then a dear friend mentioned that they aren't able to smell the amazing scents of the treats online like in person. Okay, so he also mentioned I wasn't there with my Grizzly to explain the flavors as well as let you smell them.

That being the case, I added a Best Sellers to the main page, but also wanted to explain them in more detail, because the flavors are just fantastic...

Peanut Butter

A whole jar of peanut butter goes into making around 3 dozen treats. So lets just say that if you like the smell of peanut butter, this will remind you of a peanut butter cookie. What it says to your Canine, is OH YUMMY. 

I have sold out of the Peanut Butter Treats at every single event, including the Training Treat size. Most recently I also sold out of the Gluten Free Peanut Butter Treats. These go fast, and once you smell them, you will see why.

People have even returned to other events just to buy more! So trust me, and the testimonials from customers that these are a huge hit!


This fantastic treat has the scent of a meatball. It has cheese and seasonings just like my Italian Grandma used to make, and it has been one of the next best sellers at events. 

Along with Bacon, Bacon.

Bacon, oh gosh do we love bacon at our house. What isn't to love? These treats smell like freshly fried bacon, and I love letting people smell the boxes (the bacon strip I use to cut them out means that you have to smell from the side, I have to tape it shut to keep it closed!). The absolute glee at the scent makes you know not only do people love them, but so will their Canines.


The chicken treats are a huge hit with the Tamaskan puppies, and I send them to their new homes with a box of the Training Treats since they are trained with chicken. But it isn't just Tamaskan's who love them!

Online, hands down, Chicken is the biggest seller. After all, you don't need to smell the chicken to know what it is... 

Although we also sold out of Chicken Training Treats at several events.

Puppy Mint and Beef

The two flavors seem to sell equally well, depending upon the places I have been this summer.

In NC, I made and handed out some of the Puppy Mint Treats to Grizzly's friends at the dog park. If the fact that the dogs came running as soon as they saw me was any indication, they quickly learned I am the person who bakes their favorite Treats!

The Puppy Mint is a peppermint flavored treat, Grizzly inspired (he actually inspired the entire bakery). If he would eat an entire bag of Brach's peppermints (10 lbs), and loves Altoids, you can understand why this was inspired by him. At home we can't say peppermint, so the name became Puppy Mint.

Beef, online, is also a hit. It is a Foundation Flavor, also available in Gluten Free (Peanut Butter, Chicken, Beef and Puppy Mint flavors are available in Gluten Free).

These treats are made in my kitchen, with lots of love thrown in, since I have made them for my dogs since I was 12. Aging myself here, that's 40 years. They have no preservatives or additives, are made from human grade ingredients, and have been tasted and approved by me prior to baking them for Grizzly (and the rest of my amazing Taste Testing Team) to approve.

Please let me know how your Canine enjoys our Bear Bones Bakery Best Sellers, and send a picture. We will enjoy seeing them, and will happily add them to our Testimonials!