21 Jun

Being at home so much with the COVID situation, means my brain is thinking about new flavors to try baking...

When we had the cottage on Catfish Lake in Eagle River, Wisconsin, one of the things we always liked to do was go to Friday fish fries. With that in mind, okay and the fact that the smell of salmon cooking was not a smell that agreed with me, I wanted another fish flavor. 

Fish Fry was born. It has potato, applesauce and tuna so that it was a close representation of those Friday nights in Wisconsin. Grizzly liked them so much, I am working on ideas for the Training Treats, as well as the full size. 

Those of you that know me, know I LOVE broccoli cheddar soup. So today I am trying Broccoli Cheddar Treats in the full size, and the house smells AMAZING!

I am also making a Southern Broccoli, because my parents moved to North Carolina, and I learned lots of veggies tend to be made with bacon...so the Southern Broccoli I am trying in full size, has broccoli and bacon flavors.

Let me know what you think.

Should I put test flavors online for sale?

Megan and Grizzly

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