25 Feb

In the Aftermath...

Grizzly and I are pooped out. But so very thankful for the help of our dear Bear Bones Bakery friends/family, Joann and Mark, for their unwavering support, and help in setup and tear down. We could not have made it happen without them! Lots of love from Grizzly and I for your constant support!

We did some changes prior to MFV:

New flavor, Chedd-Ah. We had amazing feedback, and the smell was constantly claimed to be exactly like that box of cheese crackers both my daughter and husband like so much. Can't say the name, but they aren't fish shaped! LOL They are also now part of our permanent menu!

New setup, we made a cash station with a very pretty blue top. It was great because we got to put Training Treats in the crates and had some on top with our brand new postcards and customer information. (picture above is of Grizzly in front of the cash station!)

We did raffles, and donations for Animal Friends. I was so very thrilled to have taken them a load of our Peanut Butter flavor! They were happy to get them! Apparently the dogs get a Kong filled with treats for their "quiet time", and the staff couldn't wait to share our treats.

We added Pina Colada to the permanent menu on our website! With so many people leaving us great reviews, how could we not?

After MFV:

We have several contacts wanting to put our Bear Bones Bakery treats out in front of their customers!

We have decided to figure out a way to sell treats by the pound, so that you can mix and match flavors, and smell the amazing quality as well!

And we have been busy figuring out how to make those by the pound sales become a reality.

So keep up with us, because we are growing! And want you to be part of all things Bear Bones Bakery!

Grizzly (and Megan)

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