13 Jun

I have to say that I am always concerned about something that will control pests (Ants are my nemesis with the weather changes lately and all the rain!) safely for my pets.

Those little plastic poison traps scare me, because, well, they're poison. With a scent designed to bring the ants to them, with a sweet smell. That also equates to me as a danger for my pets, and children (when my daughter was at home and little, I was so afraid she'd pick it up and, again, poison).

Today, while getting together things to take to Goodwill, I happened to notice a swarm of those little black buggers coming under my front door and virtually partying along the front wall. Then I tried to smack some, and the little buggers bit me.

Now not only am I irritated they are coming in, I am also concerned about them biting the dogs too! 

I had 1, literally 1 of those poison traps, which I put down, put Chewy in her crate and took Grizzly to Goodwill.

When I came home, here's the AHA moment. I mentioned being afraid of the poison, and my hubby then handed me a product I had purchased before and mentioned being safe for children and pets. (Not my Coke Zero, LOL)

This stuff smells amazing!

This stuff killed those little marching black demons instantly! 

This stuff is fantastic! And kills tons of our arch nemesis' of the pest world that think our home is fair game.


If you have dogs or children, and hate using poisons to rid yourself of those pesky critters, give this stuff a try!

Grizzly, Chewy, and Megan highly recommend it!

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