Welcome to the Bear Bones Bakery team little Maverick! We drove down to pick him up Cabin Critters Rescue today, and he is just the sweetest, most adorable baby ever!

He will be Grizzly's trainee for Service dog, taste tester, and quality control. Grizzly is getting more comfortable, he let Maverick sleep on my left foot, while he slept on my right foot!

So once he is ready to meet and greet, you will get to meet the sweetheart!

My mother, Grizzly's Baba, calls him Punkin. And Grizzly loves, and I mean LOVES pumpkins.

We have had a great time when October hits, with my family dogs and baking pumpkins. Okay, so it really didn't start as baking pumpkins...and there is a story behind it that must be shared.

When Tori was younger, her kindergarten had a field trip to get pumpkins, and she just couldn't wait to bring hers home. I promised we would carve it together, and she was so excited! Until, of course, her puppy Hans (our German Shepherd that picked out Grizzly after his brother Fritz went over the rainbow bridge) got his head stuck inside it so all you could see was the tips of his puppy ears.

When I called him, the pumpkin seeds and what Tori called 'slime' came out all over his face. He was busted in the act!

Tori cried her eyes out because he ate her pumpkin. 

That was the start of our family tradition, with our two German Shepherds!

HANS enjoying his Pumpkin

FRITZ with his Pumpkin

Grizzly has always gotten a pumpkin, baking one, every October. Carrying on the family tradition!

His sister, Chewy, even figured it out...she breaks out in hives from canned Pumpkin, but loves the baking ones, and has never had a reaction other than happiness!

Tori wanted to try pumpkins with her pups, Warrior and Luna, and was thrilled when we found them.

When they first gave them the pumpkins, neither dog knew what to do with them... as you can see!

Warrior was plenty happy just cuddling his pumpkin...

As was Luna, although she barked at it a good while first...Then Luna figured it out!

So another generation of Punkin Babies has learned to have fun with our October special Pumpkins!

Next month our Flavor of the Month $1.00 off full size Pumpkin, Punkin' Pie and Cranberry are ways to share the love with Bear Bones Bakery Treats. Contact Megan at megan@bearbonesbakery.biz to get your discount!

And Grizzly gives all types of Pumpkin 4 paws up!

Note: since we got Maverick, we found a new way to help him sleep...

Talking with my daughter over Labor Day, she mentioned little Luna is not sleeping at night.

It reminded me of the first puppy I had... King.

When we brought King home, he cried at night, keeping us awake. It broke my heart. My puppy crying made me cry.

My mom put him in a playpen with blankets, but still he cried.

Then she got a wind up alarm clock, so that you could hear it ticking, put it under his blankets, and end of crying.

Having been sleeping with the other puppies with his mom dog, he heard the heart beats. It was a comfort to him.

Being in a new place, alone, must have been scary to King. Hearing the clock calmed him down and was a super easy fix.

If you have a puppy who won't sleep at night, give this a try!

Thanks mom, for teaching me this trick.

Luna, hope it helps!

Tori. I hope it helps you sleep!

Grizzly and Megan

It is with a sad heart, and sadness for out canine friends, that we have no events coming up this year because of Covid.

Grizzly and I enjoy seeing everyone, and sharing our Bear Bones Bakery treats at events, where  you can smell the amazing flavors (pictured below: Chicken Liver, one of our new flavors).

We have new Flavor of the Month...an opportunity to get a discount on selected flavors...

We have been working hard to stock up on inventory for our events, and bring new products to them for your Canine enjoyment.

With that in mind, please contact Megan and Grizzly about inventory on hand. 

We miss seeing all of you, and hope 2021 is a much better year!

Until then, please be safe, and know we are at home still baking our love into every batch of Bear Bones Bakery Treats!

Megan and Grizzly

You all asked for it, and here ya go!

Bacon, Bacon, a definite favorite.

 Chedd-Ah, another favorite. Combined together to form this amazing new taste: Bacon & Cheese, Please.

Your canine will drool and beg for these fantastic treats just like Grizzly.

Grizzly just LOVES being the taste tester! 

Get your Bacon & Cheese, Please treats right away, and see just how much you will be amazed at what a happy tail wagging pup you will have begging for more!

Here at Bear Bones Bakery, we love hearing back from friends who enjoy or amazing treats.

This month, August, is a big one for us. Grizzly had his 6th birthday on the 1st of August. Of course, you know he celebrated with some of his favorite treats. Puppy Mint was on that list. For those of you who don't know the story, he ate an entire 10 lb bag of Brach's peppermints, and that was the start of Puppy Mint.

August 7th is also Megan's birthday. Yes, I took the day off, and so enjoyed all the well wishes from friends and family both. This past year has brought many changes, and the best ones have been how well received our treats have been! It brings me happiness to get such amazing feedback and to know that what I have always enjoyed doing for my personal canines is so well loved by all canines.

So with a happy heart, and much appreciation, thank you for your support. 

Happy Birthday, my Grizzly, who I love. Thank you for taking care of your mom!


I was so happy to get a video from Ginny and Raleigh's Mom and Dad...

They won a raffle at My Furry Valentine, and I opted to ship it to them rather than try to meet up with them with all the Covid craziness. And because it took me a while, I decided to send them a box of the brand new Chicken Liver. They are the first to get this flavor, and look at the amazing happy pups!

Thank you so much! You just made my day!

Today is a sad day. Another of our Bear Bones Bakery canines crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Diesel, the picky taste tester who loved the Chicken Treats, has suffered many seizures. My daughter, who has Luna and Warrior, got to know him very well, as he is her boyfriend's dog.

I was very lucky to be able to meet the big boy, a Great Pyrenees, because of my daughter. He was a loving, adorable baby.

For Chase and his family, this great loss is something I understand. I have had to put my dogs to sleep in the past, it never stops hurting. The great comfort is, you love Diesel enough to make his hurting stop. It is the greatest, last gift of love you can give such a devoted friend.

Being at home so much with the COVID situation, means my brain is thinking about new flavors to try baking...

When we had the cottage on Catfish Lake in Eagle River, Wisconsin, one of the things we always liked to do was go to Friday fish fries. With that in mind, okay and the fact that the smell of salmon cooking was not a smell that agreed with me, I wanted another fish flavor. 

Fish Fry was born. It has potato, applesauce and tuna so that it was a close representation of those Friday nights in Wisconsin. Grizzly liked them so much, I am working on ideas for the Training Treats, as well as the full size. 

Those of you that know me, know I LOVE broccoli cheddar soup. So today I am trying Broccoli Cheddar Treats in the full size, and the house smells AMAZING!

I am also making a Southern Broccoli, because my parents moved to North Carolina, and I learned lots of veggies tend to be made with bacon...so the Southern Broccoli I am trying in full size, has broccoli and bacon flavors.

Let me know what you think.

Should I put test flavors online for sale?

Megan and Grizzly

This little cutie is Luna, my daughter's new puppy.

She is a blue heeler mix, and I just can't wait to meet her. Something most people probably don't know about me is I LOVE LOVE LOVE puppy breath!

Welcome to the family little Luna, I just can't wait to start giving you Bear Bones Bakery treats, like your big brother Warrior gets!

Speaking of Warrior, he loves his little sister!

I have to say that I am always concerned about something that will control pests (Ants are my nemesis with the weather changes lately and all the rain!) safely for my pets.

Those little plastic poison traps scare me, because, well, they're poison. With a scent designed to bring the ants to them, with a sweet smell. That also equates to me as a danger for my pets, and children (when my daughter was at home and little, I was so afraid she'd pick it up and, again, poison).

Today, while getting together things to take to Goodwill, I happened to notice a swarm of those little black buggers coming under my front door and virtually partying along the front wall. Then I tried to smack some, and the little buggers bit me.

Now not only am I irritated they are coming in, I am also concerned about them biting the dogs too! 

I had 1, literally 1 of those poison traps, which I put down, put Chewy in her crate and took Grizzly to Goodwill.

When I came home, here's the AHA moment. I mentioned being afraid of the poison, and my hubby then handed me a product I had purchased before and mentioned being safe for children and pets. (Not my Coke Zero, LOL)

This stuff smells amazing!

This stuff killed those little marching black demons instantly! 

This stuff is fantastic! And kills tons of our arch nemesis' of the pest world that think our home is fair game.


If you have dogs or children, and hate using poisons to rid yourself of those pesky critters, give this stuff a try!

Grizzly, Chewy, and Megan highly recommend it!

With Mother's Day coming up, we at Bear Bones Bakery wanted to take the opportunity to wish all of our mothers, and mothers of all our canine companions a very happy Mother's Day.

I have been incredibly blessed to have had 3 amazing women be mothers to me...

My mother Madeleine (pictured here on the day she graduated high school).

My Momma, Barb (shown here with my Dad).

My mother in law, Sandy.

Megan is the Mother to Grizzly and Chewy, her furry kids, and an amazing incredible daughter...

 and my daughter is Mom to Warrior, who just adores her as much as I do. He especially loves riding in her new car with her.

Hoping this Mother's Day brings you much joy and happiness!

Megan and Grizzly