11 Feb

Having been asked for a specific flavor more than a few times (quite a lot, actually), I decided to attempt to make a cheese flavor.

Chedd-Ah was born.

Then name was because once I smelled it baking, the entire house smelled like cheddar, and my immediate response was aaahhhh. Apparently it was Grizzly's response too, because the drooling commenced at the same time my human nose smelled the yummy wonderful treat!

It was also a huge hit, because he just kept wagging his tail, even after his taste. I would say that is high praise, 4 paws up, Grizzly approved.

So those of you who love Bear Bones Bakery Treats, here's a new treat to love! We are adding it to our Foundation Flavors, and it will be as big a hit with your canines as the other ones have been!

We hope to see you all at My Furry Valentine, where we will have Chedd-Ah available in a limited quantity.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our Bear Bones Bakery!

Megan and Grizzly

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