02 Sep

I am so very excited. After quite literally months of trying to get dog hair out of my new van, and I mean months, I found a product that had me doing the happy dance and giggling with glee in my driveway today (for those of you that know me, that says quite a lot about my level of excitement).

We always put down sheets or blankets on the floor of the van, to contain dog hair (unsuccessfully, since Grizzly and now Maverick walk around and the floor gets exposed). Dog hair is very difficult to get out of carpet on van or car floors!

Have you ever tried? I tried the shop vac, no success. I tried the vac at the car wash, no success. I tried a sticky lint roller, not only no success, but a resounding failure of epic proportions! Then I tried wrapping duct tape around my hand and mistakenly assumed that would work! HA HA HA

I even bought a grooming glove with little points on it...again, no success.

The service department with my van said use nitrile gloves. No success. I was totally at my whit's end thinking my nice black carpet in my van would permanently be coated in dog hair like super glue!

Then I went to a store, where the manager saw Grizzly with me, and mentioned having 2 labs at home that got dog hair everywhere! Which started a conversation about the van floor. And she had a fantastic idea...

Chom Chom. Yes, Chom Chom. I thought she said chomp, chomp, but she told me how to spell it, mentioned it got dog hair out of EVERYWHERE she tried to remove hair. I was a sceptic. After all these attempts, I think anyone would be!

I went onto Amazon, found it, and a video about how to use it. Looked simple, and I decided to try one last time before considering ripping carpet out of the van to remove the hair! I ordered it after watching a video about the product.

OH MY GOSH! Now I am so happy it is amazing! I got it out of the package today, knowing to be more aggressive on rolling to get the hair up, and went outside to try on the carpet!

If you want to do a happy dance yourself, get hair out with ease, empty from the back with ease, and not go crazy like I did...Get on Amazon and order yourself a Chom Chom! 

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