16 Oct

Grizzly here, and I have to tell you all about what mom and I did today...I had so much fun! We had the Craft Show at the Butler County Fairgrounds, and I had so much fun sniffing all the smells from the fair. Mom said I smelled horse smells and pig smells!

We set up our yummy Bear Bones Bakery Treats, and I just sniffed all the yummy goodies! But I know Mommy says they are for other doggos to have my treats, so I was a good boy (although you know my Mommy shared some with me, because after all, they are named after me and I am a taste tester!).

These were the Training Treats Mom had boxed up and priced, in single flavors...

Mom also had Training Treats available to mix and match by the pound...

And some of our Full Size Bear Bones Bakery flavors (which are part of the Baker's Dozen, so you get a 13th box free...I suggest either Bacon, Bacon or Bacon & Cheese, Please, but they are ALL favorites, because Mom makes yummy treats!).

Our friend, Miss Dolce, was in the booth next to us...She is so nice to me, and pets me, and loves on me, and I just love going over to say hello to her. Mommy took this picture of me sitting by her homemade frames with Dog themes...

Then when the doors opened up, I was ready for Meet & Greet time! Dad said that is my job, and I just love meeting new people!

A new friend came to smell my treats, and pick which ones to get (and brought a 9 week old puppy with her too)! 

My new friend must have LOVED my Bear Bones Bakery treats, because I got kisses...

Thank you to all of the NEW friends who came to visit and give me pets. Thank you to all the friends that already knew me who came to visit and give me pets. Thank you to everyone who tells my Mommy how much they love my treats that she makes, because I love seeing my Mommy happy! 

You all make Mommy and me very happy! So thank you very much for being so wonderful.

Love, Grizzly

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