Megan Stewart


Megan is the Chief Executive Officer (and chief cook and dishwasher) of Bear Bones Bakery. She has a long history of being involved in cooking and baking, and a lifelong commitment to her dogs, including her current service dog, Grizzly (who inspired the Bear in Bear Bones).


Megan's Service Dog, Chief Taste Tester, Quality Control Supervisor

The greeter of Bear Bones Bakery, Megan’s Service Dog, and always happy to meet new friends. He was the inspiration behind the bakery, and has several bones in honor of him. The one he likes best is the Puppy Mint, after he decided to open and eat half a bag of Brach’s peppermints. Although, as with friends, there isn’t a Bear Bones Bakery treat he doesn’t like!


Grizzly's Administrative Assistant

Welcome, Maverick, to the Bear Bones Bakery Family. This little cutie is Grizzly's trainee for service dog, and taste tester. He is learning quickly with his Bear Bones Bakery treats! He absolutely loves tasting them just like his big brother Grizzly! When he comes to visit at an events, he is a great hit!


Peanut Butter Pal!

Hi, I am Danny. I am the newest member of the Bear Bones Bakery team. I love playing with Maverick, and learning my new family with my favorite Peanut Butter treats! (But I am learning all Bear Bones Bakery Treats are yummy!)