24 Sep

I love hearing from my family. I am proud of the family that I have, and wish we all lived closer like when I was younger.  I always have enjoyed my Aunt Helen very much, and was thrilled when she called me today out of the blue.

Today I also had a little bit of a tear, because she told me she is proud of me and the person I have become. Okay, so she also mentioned that had I been at home while my Uncle was being put onto a DNR, she and I would have probably both said things we shouldn't...LOL. I think I learned to speak up from Aunt Helen; she has never been afraid to speak up for the underdog.

My Aunt Helen has always bluntly told me whatever I have needed to hear, even when I didn't want to hear it, and I respect that very much. The conversation was amazing, and just keeps reminding me of why I enjoy and love her so very much.

After asking about how I was doing, and telling her that I have my first holiday bazaar coming up so am baking up a storm...and Grizzly is drooling in the kitchen constantly while I bake the yummy treats...

My wonderful Aunt Helen told me a story about a woman that lives near her and Uncle Bob, who found a recipe for dog treats and made some for their dog Daisy (this was a while back, as Daisy has passed over the rainbow bridge). And apparently this woman left them on the counter to cool and left to run errands.

What made me laugh was that her son and his friend came home from school, saw the treats, and proceeded to eat them thinking they were for them. Oh how I cracked up!

The treats I taste test for Bear Bones Bakery are made with human grade ingredients. Yes, I do taste test them prior to practicing the baking method to harden them to be nice and crunchy. We both found humor in the fact that not only did the boys eat dog treats, but I do too!

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