12 Jul

Grizzly likes going to the park (okay, it's also a soccer field, has a playground, a 1/4 mile track, but to him it is the park) where he has made many new friends. Today he saw his friend Daisy and his friend Maddie, who both eagerly awaited samples of the Pina Colada flavor Bear Bones Bakery flavor...

Daisy (the black lab) likes all the flavors she tried while we played, and Maddie did too. Maddie even jumped up on the picnic table to see if she could hug Megan (the treat lady) and licked my ears hoping to get more treats!

The week before, there was a camp that met here at the park, and Grizzly was thrilled to have all of the campers come pet him. He sat right down and waited for them to come visit!

He made loads of friends, had lots of fun, and even got kisses...

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