25 Jul

Grizzly goes everywhere with me as my service dog. I am always on the lookout for ways to protect him from the heat, and found an amazing product that Grizzly approves.

We went to North Carolina during the heat of the summer. To say you could fry eggs on the sidewalk is an understatement. With the humidity added into straight heat, it was sweltering hot. This from Megan, who isn't walking around on hot pavement barefoot while wearing a fur coat. There are only so many places you can park right near the store after all, to avoid that hot pavement.

Every time we left the house, I put Musher's Secret on Grizzly's paws.

What is that you might ask? It is a great product that is super easy to apply, and keeps a block on the pads of your dog so that he does have protection against heat. It also does not have a flavor, so that he isn't licking it off...

But heat isn't the only thing we have used our Musher's Secret for...he got a sunburn on his nose, and this applied over it helped it from peeling off painfully.

We applied it to go to the beach, and it kept the sand from scraping his paws.

Back home, in the winter, he wears his Musher's Secret to keep the ice melting chemicals from being absorbed into his pads. I check his paws when he gets back into the van, and if there are any pieces in the fur between his pads, I simply wipe them off  and away we go.

I travel to my parents in NC often, and simply pack my 1 pound jar of Musher's secret in my suitcase. We don't leave home without it!

It has been a great product for us, and highly Grizzly approved!

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