08 Aug

When I was younger, the first thing that I learned to do was bake. It was at my Grandma W's house, and on an extremely old Kitchen Aid mixer. It was a stand mixer, with only a glass bowl, because back then they didn't make the metal bowls (and now my metal bowls with handles).

That old kitchen aid in Grandma's kitchen taught me many things through the years. It was one that I hoped to inherit one day...sadly, the bowl broke in the stand, and back then you couldn't replace the bowl, so Grandma threw the stand away.

These days, I would have happily added Grandma's old mixer to my kitchen aid collection. With starting the bakery, I have been given a second mixer by my dear friend (yes, made me cry), gotten several other bowls, beaters, and then even found an old glass bowl in honor of Grandma W and to make her part of this process.

You know that I pull out the mixer or the mixer bowls, and Grizzly is right there to aide me in treat development. 

And in some way, I know Grandma W is there with me too. Because every time I pull out a kitchen aid, I think of Grandma and smile. No matter how old I get, it makes me feel like a child again. It makes baking a joyful experience.

Thank you Kitchen Aid, for your amazing products. Thank you Grandma W for teaching me to love the Kitchen Aid you gave me when I got married. Thank you Grizzly for enjoying those bowls as much as I do. And thank you to my friend, who believes in me too...

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