30 Sep

Do you roll lots of dough like I do? Probably not, but wait until you see how easy it is...

The absolute most annoying thing I have attempted to use to have consistency with rolling out my dough was a set of little rubber bands that went on the ends of the regular rolling pins that I have in mass quantities (inherited from many family members through the years as they know I love to bake).

Those little things are difficult to get onto the rolling pin, and after two passes over the dough, they fling off of the ends. Not exactly a plus to ease and speed of rolling dough.

So in an attempt to find a much easier answer I hit up the internet on a search and was absolutely amazed at what a great product I found!

 This is called a Uniform Pastry Pin (and it is available at kingarthurflour.com). 

This has made life so much easier for me, that I ordered multiples, and even left one at my parent's house in NC!

You don't have to be a full time baker like I am to appreciate this amazing tool. But I promise you it is well worth the purchase!

Roll out your cutout cookies with ease, uniformly, and with little effort!

My few pieces of advice, roll from the inside, not on the edges, and order several! They come in 1/4" and 1/8".


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