04 Jan

Hello Friends,

This message comes from Grizzly. He came from Animal Friends shelter, and has rescued Megan just as much as she rescued him.

Therefore, in the hopes of providing treats to the other dogs there at the shelter, we at Bear Bones Bakery have decided that any donations toward this amazing new idea will be used in the following manner:

Megan and Grizzly will take the treats to the shelter.

We will use your donations merely for the cost of the ingredients, so that your donation can go farther to more shelter animals.

If you would like to donate, please contact Megan at megan@bearbonesbakery.biz, or 513-267-6352.

Grizzly says thank you for your support of other friends looking for love, a happy home, and a belly full of treats.

Megan and Grizzly

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