16 Nov

Okay, so that Bakery Brain started out sort of as a joke, but has become the way friends and family know my creative baking juices are flowing...Usually followed by, something along the lines of don't be surprised if I don't answer the phone for a while! And they all know to leave a message.

It occurred to me, however, that you may wonder where the flavors came from for Bear Bones Bakery. Since you already know the title came from Grizzly, my handsome boy...maybe I should explain more about the Treats themselves.

When I was young, my mother passed away, so her mother taught me how to bake. I have been baking treats for my personal dogs more years than I care to admit...starting out with Chicken, then Beef, then Peanut Butter (although I forgot to write the ingredients down for the recipe, I recreated it to great success once again, thank goodness). Those became the foundation flavors of Bear Bones Bakery. Adding, again because of Grizzly, the Puppy Mint.

And yet, I wanted to find something to represent other people in my life and keep them part of this Bear Bones Bakery because they have been supportive of me through life, as well as this new venture that I so love!

Grandma, who always had meatballs on the stove when I came driving up to the curb, and I could smell from the second I opened the car door, was the reason behind Meatball. And every time I smell them cooking, or open a box for a customer to smell, I smile because Grandma would be smiling at being represented.

Then I added Bacon, Bacon to the menu. Bacon, so good, it had to be mentioned twice. The hubby LOVES bacon, ok so do I, and this one I will claim for him.

I have added other flavors at bazaars, that are not yet on the menu online:

Poppa Bear, is in honor of my Daddy. He eats fresh fruit with cereal and a bit of yogurt for breakfast every morning. I had to play with the recipe a bit, but this one is a hit.

Cranberry, reminds me of summers in Wisconsin, and because a request was made for some at Barktoberfest this year, I heard the request, and made this flavor. The bakery brain, however, is working on making it maybe with my favorite cranberry flavor, Cran-Raspberry?

Pumpkin Pie was after one of Mom's recipes, and had oats inside. Punkin' Pie because that is what Baba calls Grizzly (no oats).

Apple Pie, well gosh, what could be better?

Chewy is Bananas is after Grizzly's sister Chewy, who bobbles her head every time she runs, and we just can't call her nuts!

Chocolate Banana, from memories of making them and freezing them to eat as treats when I was younger...but in a way safe for canine's to enjoy.

Indian Rice, because I love a restaurant in NC that serves amazing Thai food...it's also good for Grizzly, who gets stiff hopping in and out of the van because it has just a titch of turmeric added.

Movie Night, okay, started out because of the BSA Troop 725 event, and because every time I eat popcorn, both dogs drool.

Pina Colada, let's be honest, was something I used to love to drink, and the smell just makes everyone smile.

Loaded Potato. Wow. Okay, so I used to go to bazaars a long time ago, one of which had the BEST loaded potato soup. Memorable. 

Elvis's the King started out as a music theme since several bazaars are in support of bands at the high schools. It's a peanut butter and banana flavor that got both Grizzly and Chewy shaking (nope, not going to say like hound dogs)...


Then we have to move onto the other options that have come about and why...


While visiting in NC, and handing out samples (yes, I became quite popular at the dog park), one of the pet parents asked about making smaller sizes for smaller dogs. Then asked about making smaller amounts for hostess gifts to people with dogs (since you typically bring a hostess gift to the two legged friends, and why not for the 4 legged ones?).

These treats have become incredibly popular at events.


Having several canines, including those taste testers (oh, the canine horror to make that list, lol), being gluten free, I considered making GF Bear Bones Bakery Treats part of the menu. The trick, however, was how to make the quality, while using the more expensive ingredients, and still being the other thing I always consider, a good value.

At another High School event, I was asked about Gluten Free. So it brought that Bakery Brain back into action, and after test baking for the quality, I decided to add Gluten Free in the Foundation Flavors. 

Now that you know how I think, let me know what you think!

Grizzly and Megan (aka Bakery Brain) are interested!

And, yes, Megan is still thinking about other flavor ideas.

Don't be surprised if you see more options available in 2020!!! Let's hope Megan can keep up with the baking ideas...

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