13 Dec

I am one of those people who wants to get all of the shopping done as soon as possible, so that baking can be a priority. Those of you that know me, know I get requests for fudge and cookies, sweet flavors of breads and more cookies for the holidays. My daughter has taken my Chocolate Chip Cookies to school and work for years, they never last long...and no matter how often she gets asked for the secret, as to why they are so good, she never shares.  I think that's another family trait, as Grandma W made sure to keep some of her recipes secret. They were her "claim to fame".

With the Holidays coming up, knowing you will be spending it with family and friends, don't forget the Canines in your and their lives. They, of course, deserve a little something special too!

If you are shopping for Bear Bones Bakery Treats for them, please know that I will be working hard to fill any orders that come into me, and if you want to meet up to pick them up please feel free to call me at 513-341-8583, or email me at megan@bearbonesbakery.biz. I will do my very best to help get those yummy treats to you!

Grizzly and I want to make your Holiday Shopping easier. 

Happy Holidays, from Bear Bones Bakery to all of you!

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