23 Nov

Today we had a bazaar at Edgewood High School in Trenton. I have to say, the student athletes were amazing and so incredibly helpful both in setting up and carrying out and they were polite, sincere and genuinely kind. It was such a pleasure to meet all of them, and Grizzly was happy to let them come pet him!

We also saw many friends that had prior met us at other events, and it was great to see them returning for new Bear Bones Bakery treats! I was not surprised to sell out of the full size Peanut Butter treats, or the Peanut Butter Training Treats.

However, selling out of the Bacon, Bacon in both sizes was a bit surprising!

I haven't quite figured out what sells, since prior events sold out of the Meatball, and left me with Bacon!

But I was so happy with the day, that we signed up for next year's event (check events for details, I will post it soon). And to have a request to come back in the spring for an event that is in the works for the Edgewood band (by the person who runs the BSA event that I loved attending).

Yes. Yep. Oh Yes, Grizzly and I will be happy to be there!

Thank you Edgewood, thank you to those friends we saw again, and those we got to meet.

Grizzly says 2 paws up, now he needs a nap!

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