10 Oct

My dear friend Joann, who is the breeder of some AMAZING Tamaskans, does quite a lot to socialize and entertain her pups before they head out to their new homes...

She shops on chewy.com for toys to make the pups interact and figure out how to get their treats. Mind you, she also sent them to their new homes with Bear Bones Bakery Chicken flavor Training Treats.

Since Grizzly is on that horrible 4 letter word (diet), and is my taste tester, I decided to head over to chewy.com and do some shopping of my own. 

Look, just look, what I found! I am so darn excited!

Okay, so it also helps that I can easily take the seek a treat things to bazaars, and let him amuse himself with Training Treats...he didn't understand why those boxes people were opening to smell weren't being shared with him! Now, not only can I have it there, but might just show people shopping other ideas for the yummy Bear Bones Bakery Treats.

You might notice the squeaky frisbee...Grizzly is a squeaky toy fanatic, I am hoping he might just chase a frisbee if it squeaks.

Okay, so the ball is for my Chewy, hoping she learns to play too. Treats are a GREAT motivator at my house, as you can imagine.

So with the holidays coming up, go head over to chewy.com and shop for some of these great treat hiders, then head over here and order your Training Treats! Any canine would be thrilled to get these neat toys and our yummy treats!

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