25 Aug

I often wonder  if dogs dream. 

Have you ever woken up at night to your dog running all 4 paws top speed, while sound asleep? Last night not only was Grizzly doing that, he also sounded the way he does when chasing rabbits.

Since the Easter bunny isn't currently in season, and yes, he did catch one before Easter a couple years ago...and now the bunny that taunts Grizzly almost every time we walk the street my parents live on in NC (he got eyes on it yesterday and would have tried for it if I hadn't told him no), was almost Grizzly kibble. 

I turned on the light, to see him chasing something in his sleep. And hope that bunny got chased away...good Grizzly. Crazy rabbit! Now go back to sleep! 

If you dream, sweet dreams!

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