09 Dec

Okay, so having been at a few events these past couple of months, I wondered why the best sellers at those events don't equate to the best sellers online...

Then a dear friend mentioned that they aren't able to smell the amazing scents of the treats online like in person. Okay, so he also mentioned I wasn't there with my Grizzly to explain the flavors as well as let you smell them.

That being the case, I added a Best Sellers to the main page, but also wanted to explain them in more detail, because the flavors are just fantastic...

Peanut Butter

A whole jar of peanut butter goes into making around 3 dozen treats. So lets just say that if you like the smell of peanut butter, this will remind you of a peanut butter cookie. What it says to your Canine, is OH YUMMY. 

I have sold out of the Peanut Butter Treats at every single event, including the Training Treat size. Most recently I also sold out of the Gluten Free Peanut Butter Treats. These go fast, and once you smell them, you will see why.

People have even returned to other events just to buy more! So trust me, and the testimonials from customers that these are a huge hit!


This fantastic treat has the scent of a meatball. It has cheese and seasonings just like my Italian Grandma used to make, and it has been one of the next best sellers at events. 

Along with Bacon, Bacon.

Bacon, oh gosh do we love bacon at our house. What isn't to love? These treats smell like freshly fried bacon, and I love letting people smell the boxes (the bacon strip I use to cut them out means that you have to smell from the side, I have to tape it shut to keep it closed!). The absolute glee at the scent makes you know not only do people love them, but so will their Canines.


The chicken treats are a huge hit with the Tamaskan puppies, and I send them to their new homes with a box of the Training Treats since they are trained with chicken. But it isn't just Tamaskan's who love them!

Online, hands down, Chicken is the biggest seller. After all, you don't need to smell the chicken to know what it is... 

Although we also sold out of Chicken Training Treats at several events.

Puppy Mint and Beef

The two flavors seem to sell equally well, depending upon the places I have been this summer.

In NC, I made and handed out some of the Puppy Mint Treats to Grizzly's friends at the dog park. If the fact that the dogs came running as soon as they saw me was any indication, they quickly learned I am the person who bakes their favorite Treats!

The Puppy Mint is a peppermint flavored treat, Grizzly inspired (he actually inspired the entire bakery). If he would eat an entire bag of Brach's peppermints (10 lbs), and loves Altoids, you can understand why this was inspired by him. At home we can't say peppermint, so the name became Puppy Mint.

Beef, online, is also a hit. It is a Foundation Flavor, also available in Gluten Free (Peanut Butter, Chicken, Beef and Puppy Mint flavors are available in Gluten Free).

These treats are made in my kitchen, with lots of love thrown in, since I have made them for my dogs since I was 12. Aging myself here, that's 40 years. They have no preservatives or additives, are made from human grade ingredients, and have been tasted and approved by me prior to baking them for Grizzly (and the rest of my amazing Taste Testing Team) to approve.

Please let me know how your Canine enjoys our Bear Bones Bakery Best Sellers, and send a picture. We will enjoy seeing them, and will happily add them to our Testimonials!

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