31 Oct

I have been asked several times about the ingredients in the Bear Bones Bakery Treats.

Bear Bones Bakery Treats are made with food grade ingredients, without preservatives or additives. If Megan doesn't approve, they don't get baked for sale. Then they go through Grizzly testing (and I have yet to find a flavor he doesn't like).

There are several flavors still in the works, and will not get posted online for you to order for your canines until Megan thinks they are just right. After all, we want you to feel good about sharing these treats with your favorite friend, knowing it is safe for him or her to eat. 

For those of you wanting more information, here goes:

Bear Bones Bakery Treats May Contain the Following:

Wheat flour, flour, margarine, extracts, broth, baking soda, spices, applesauce, potato flakes, assorted fruits, assorted vegetables, rice, oats, pumpkin, yogurt, peanut butter, cheese, tea (decaf), juice, unflavored gelatin, coconut, banana chips, sour cream, coconut milk, ricotta, milk, water, baking powder, molasses, sugar, brown sugar, popcorn, cornmeal, egg, honey, bacon bits, buffalo, chicken, tuna, salmon, duck, sausage, liver, cream cheese, cottage cheese, cornstarch.

If you are wanting to find out what different flavors Megan is trying out, please feel free to email megan@bearbonesbakery.biz. We would be pleased to add you to our customer base, and let you know what is coming up! Because your canine will love these quality Bear Bones Bakery Treats, just like Grizzly and his friends!

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